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We did a quick trip back to Oklahoma for a college graduation, an Eagle Scout ceremony, and Mother’s Day! It was the first time since we got married that we were around to celebrate our mother’s (and Anthony’s aunts + grandmothers too!). The rain decided to follow us from New Jersey back to Oklahoma, so we had the muggy, humid, wet weather before, during and upon our return back to NJ. Luckily the sun came out in honor of all the mother’s on Sunday. Which is perfect since my mom has wanted to get photos of my nephews by this truck for years now. Both Randon and Rylan are at an age to listen better and can climb over fences, so as a mother’s day present (even though she is known as Sassy these days), we did photos!

You can see the wheels turning in Rylan’s mind in this first photo – he didn’t want to hold Randon’s hand (similar to this past Christmas when neither wanted to be in a photo together). He is so so ornery, and gives everyone a run for their money. He also knows how to work the charm and will be uber sweet, giving hugs too. Sweet and sour that little guy is!

Boom! They are finally holding hands!

The best photo of Mark and his boys that I’ve been able to get! (also after telling Rylan to not choke daddy).

Randon wanted nothing to do with the truck anymore, as it’s *dirty*. He is very much like his pop-pop, and doesn’t like dirty things!

My iPhone is cooler than anyone else’s because it’s a treat! Only once or twice a year, that’s how rare it is. Before we went back last Christmas, I found a free app, Hair Xmas. Randon loves it and could play it for hours. You shave, blowdry, cut and do all sorts of things to Santa’s hair/beard along with a Christmas tree. The minute we arrived, he asked to play with my ipone (no h is necessary for him!), he started up the app. I’m glad I was able to capture the two of them with my pone (and not fighting!!!), playing such a simple, silly app!

robin w - June 5, 2012 - 7:29 am

These are great Kim! Thanks so much for sharing. The boys have grown sooooo much! God Bless them both and their dad.

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