home sweet new home

We have official moved 100% completely out of our old apartment, finally turned our keys back in this week. Princeton has now been “home” to us longer than any other place as a married couple (we will be celebrating 7 years on the 11th – time sure has flown by!!!) and we lived in that apartment the longest of any other place. It had a lot of quirks, downfalls and overall not-so-pleasant things, but we truly made it home. I do miss it. The living room was uber spacious, we had walls painted (including the yellow wall), and everything just “fit”. It’s taken some adjusting, selling items, purging much to get the new place just right. The only thing we are currently holding out on is a smaller dining room table. The one we currently have has worked in our previous 3 homes, but unfortunately not this one.

The absolute best parts of the new place is first and foremost, it’s a brand new place. We are the very first people to live in it!! We also have a huge kitchen, two bathrooms (that are not PINK!!), and full-size stacked washer and dryer!! I am no longer a slave to laundry or making sure I have quarters on me (though my mindset is still the same to hold on to every quarter possible, and get as many back when I pay with cash!).

DISCLAIMER: these photos were all taken in a rush the morning we flew out to OK. many items were moved around to make it seem like we had it together one week after moving in! excuse color balance issues too!

We shall start at the door (two different perspectives, and yes that is supposedly my desk that is right next to the door!)

Our dining room that doesn’t look much different today than it did two weeks ago! Once we get a smaller table, we will hang photos on the invisible wall to the left of the photo. I don’t like them all on the buffet table!

Part of the old camera collection. Anthony thought it would be a great idea to display them more prominently this go round. I’ve added another to the collection since these were taking too – thanks to a friend who found one while we were in OK!

One of my favorite spots in the home! It’s in the hallway between the kitchen and the bathroom.

Once again we had to get creative – not a huge fan of all my books being so close to the kitchen but it works! LOVE the baskets that hold my glass jar collection (that my husband thinks I hoard, but I beg to differ!). I found these two at an antique mall up the road from us.

Oh how much I love this kitchen! I believe I have 95% of my kitchen stuff in the actual kitchen. It’s a true miracle, but also goes to show how *much* kitchen stuff I have! We even got rid of a ton too.

Seriously my favorite thing about the place is the washer/dryer!

Our bedroom, though it doesn’t look like this much anymore. Curtains and frames are still up (though it looks like I will need to make new curtains considering these are too short!), but we got a new bed that’s way too high and we changed our bedspread.

and this is going to be home for the next year. thanks for looking!!!

Kelly Gorney - June 5, 2012 - 11:11 am

WOW! Kim, it looks so amazing!!!! You must be so excited to actually be moved in! Great job on making it look like a home!

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