home ec projects continue!

I had no idea how much I craved and needed another creative outlet until I discovered sewing. The joy it brings when I complete a project (and it looks cute!) is indescribable. All three of these projects definitely have me smiling even today. Regarding the pillows, Anthony even said something along the lines as they don’t look homemade (although in my mind it was more like “these look like they could have been bought in a high-end store“…)

If you are interested in starting to sew, or even just want to add to what you already know, the ladies who taught my home ec class are offering it again! You can sign up here! If my projects inspire you, then you will love this course. You can work at your own pace (as you can see by my adventures – it started in August and was over in October I believe). If you are planning on enrolling in the course, I’d highly recommend using Evernote. I copied each assignment into it’s own page and I can access them online, using the desktop tool, on my iPad or iPhone (which is convenient when you are at Joann’s and need to figure out exactly what to buy!). Seriously get the program – it’s FREE!!!!!


I posted a sneak peek of these on my facebook page way back in January when I started on them. I got both of them basically complete but I wasn’t satisfied with the inside. I wanted it to be all fancy and have a lining! After ripping out the seams I don’t know how many times, running to Joann’s way too many times to count to buy more fabric, I finally settled on a black lining and finished them up sometime mid-February!  These match the tree skirt my mom made us just this past Christmas (you can see a close up of the skirt here). These were not even part of my home ec class and I made the pattern from our previous Walmart cheapo stockings, so I’m really proud of the way they came out!

I wish I could say I’ve gone in order of the class but I definitely haven’t. For various reasons but hopefully I’ll be able to play catch up soon! A few Fridays ago, I went to a MyBernina class at Pennington Quilt Works to learn what to do with all the feet, make button holes and many other awesome features my sewing machine does. I came home ramped up and tackled these two pillow cases w/piping. And because I made a mistake on measuring (oops!) I had to add buttons to both to keep them closed. Thankfully I had just learned how to make them with my machine! These two pillows are now on our sofa, replacing the red ones we had before. (Yes, you’ve probably seen this fabric several times but I have a ton of it and I love it!!)

I cannot believe how this laptop case turned out! I am not much of a pink/girlie girl but when I saw this fabric on www.fabric.com I knew I had to have it for this project. I’m also impressed that I was able to finish it within 5 hours and I didn’t have to rip out ONE seam! That is a huge improvement, especially going from ripping about 20 seams out of the stockings to this, I think I’m doing much better!

Melanie - March 7, 2011 - 5:52 pm

I didn’t know you took it from Freckled Nest! I was waiting for that to open up so I could sign up. I’ve registered for the class. I love her blog!

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